Margaret Ball Ottman

Margaret is the author and illustrator of the children’s book, The Lonely Loon.  Growing up surrounded by his loving family, a young loon doesn't realize that he's different until one day when he can't find his way home. Shunned by other loons when he asks for directions, the lonely loon learns about being different the hard way.

Inspired by stories her family made up during their summers in Maine, and by her nephew, Henry, who was diagnosed at age 6 with a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome, The Lonely Loon is a story about tolerance and compassion, and the importance of looking beyond our differences in order to see all we truly have in common.

This is Margaret’s first book. She wrote it initially as a birthday present for her mother and taught herself to illustrate the pictures for the book. She is currently working on a memoir.

Margaret donates proceeds from sales of The Lonely Loon for AS research through the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics , as well as to help with her nephew Henry's long-term care.