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Sell Your Work In Our Shop 

The Dedham Exchange is dedicated to helping talented people by displaying and selling their original creations. We return 70% of the retail price to the artisan.  Please contact us If you are interested in placing your work on consignment in our shop. 

Sell In our workshop - Get Involved

Lisa WB Walker, ceramicist

Become A Dedham Exchange Volunteer

The Dedham Exchange is a membership organization that relies on its volunteers to run the shop on a daily basis. Our members handle transactions, identify new crafters and display merchandise. All members are required to work in the shop for a minimum number of shifts per month.

We are always interested in speaking with potential members. If you would like information on getting involved stop by the shop during business hours or contact us by phone or email. 

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Volunteers working in the shop

Make a Donation and Help Us Give Back to the Community

The Dedham Exchange is a non-profit gift shop that donates its proceeds to philanthropic and service organizations in the community. It has also granted college scholarships to high school students in Dedham. We accept donations to help us with our efforts to give back to the community. Please donate now using the Donate button if you would like to help. You can also send us a check to our address with a note or contact us.


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Volunteers congratulate recipients of college scholarships