Christina Lamb - Strung Jewelry Designs

Christina Lamb designs fresh and elegant jewelry one piece at a time…necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Each piece is hand crafted by the designer herself is either one or few of-a-kind. 

She founded her jewelry design business, Strung Jewelry Designs, in 2002. She explains her love for jewelry design this way: “When I am making jewelry, I feel as close to perfectly happy as I believe it is possible to be. I hope the joy of its creation infuses each piece I make and imparts itself to the person who wears it.”

Christina uses fine jewelry techniques and materials including sterling silver, silver and gold plate, Swarovski crystals, artisan pressed glass beads, borosilicate and dichroic glass, semi-precious stones, leather, and all manner of high-quality materials from her world travels. A single necklace could contain materials from Greece, Austria, Italy, and the US.