While you were on Summer Vacation……….

An enormous ‘THANK YOU’ to Hartney Greymont Tree Care of Needham and JM Cobb Electric Inc of Dedham. While the volunteers and staff of The Dedham Exchange took a well deserved August summer break, the team of arborists at Hartney Greymont showed their support of the Exchange by most generously donating their professional expertise, time and labor. The Hartney Greymont experts hand trimmed and shaped our arborvitae hedge and pruned our trees in the car park. Thank you so much to Matthew Stobbart and the whole Dedham area team for their magnificent work.

The Exchange would also like to thank Jeff Cobb and his team, for supporting the Exchange with most favorable terms and expert electrical work over the years. This year a grant from the Dedham Savings Foundation enabled new lighting for the car park to be installed. Some additional lighting in display cabinets were installed by the Exchange to highlight our extensive range of hand made artisan products and commercial wares.

It is the generosity and care of such wonderful people and institutions that allows the Dedham Exchange to continue to give back to our local community.



Arborists and foremen Jose` Alberto and Jim Palmer Hartney Greymont in action