Ramune Jauniskis is our featured artist this month

Ramune Jauniskis is a well-loved New England fiber artist known for her whimsical fairy-inspired 3D works of art. She works and lives in Wellesley, MA.

Ramune grew up in a very ethnic family. It was not your average American home. No one spoke English, not even the dog. Her parents were hard-working immigrants from Lithuania. Traditional foods were prepared for meals, and attendance at Saturday morning Lithuanian school was mandatory. Ramune was inspired by her parents’ strong work ethic and their hobbies and interests. She got her entrepreneurial spirit from watching her mother run a home business, and after graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art, she started a successful illustration business that lasted many years.

Illustration wasn’t her true passion though. She always worked on her own personal creative ideas that fall into a category all their own. She was asked to teach classes for many schools and adult education programs, and when technology moved into the illustration field, she lost interest in it and devoted all of her time to making her personal art and teaching.