Meet Stacy Stephenson of Sensational Showers - Our Featured Artist

Stacy Stephenson, the visionary behind Sensational Showers, embarked on her journey of crafting quality bath and body products inspired by a deep connection to Jamaica's natural and homemade traditions. Having honed her skills in soap-making since 2010, Stacey combines ancient techniques with a modern artistic flair, employing both hot and cold processes. This fusion results in uniquely gentle and moisturizing bars that reflect her commitment to chemical-free alternatives.
Stacey's personal experience with skin sensitivities, developed after moving from Jamaica to New England as a child, fuels her dedication to creating products that cater to those with similar needs. Sensational Showers, founded in 2010, is a testament to Stacey's belief that self-care is not a luxury but an essential part of daily life. Through her handcrafted offerings, she invites individuals to indulge in affordable, luxurious bath and body products that prioritize both well-being and naturally good ingredients.