Meet Shirley Ruggiero - Our Featured Artist this Month

Shirley Ruggiero is a seasoned crafter with over 50 years of experience in making and selling rag dolls. Her journey began at the age of 5, when she started sewing doll clothes and eventually progressed to crafting entire dolls. What started as a simple hobby blossomed into a thriving cottage industry creating handmade dolls and quilted pieces.

Shirley specializes in crafting the beloved Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, available in diverse skin tones and adorned with traditional clothing. She also offers specialty Raggedy dolls for various occasions such as holidays and celebrations, with custom orders always welcomed. Additionally, she creates other types of dolls, including country folk and sleepy girl dolls.  For Shirley, the most rewarding aspect of her craft is knowing that her creations bring joy to others