Meet Liz Hartnick - Our Featured Artist this Month

Liz Hartnick hand-builds ceramics with beautiful textures and lovely glazes. Her bowls, platters and dishes are thin and light. She started her journey in ceramics by taking pottery classes while a graduate student in New York City. She did not work in clay again until the early 2000's when she enrolled in pottery classes in the Boston area, throwing clay on the wheel. After about ten years as a potter, Liz found that she was drawn to pieces that were less regularly shaped and had more texture. Over time she changed her method to building pieces by hand and striving to make her pieces thinner and lighter. She says that the juxtaposition of different textures is like patchwork quilting. Liz has recently started working on the potter's wheel again and is experimenting with color. She hopes to join the two methods of making ceramics in the future. Liz attributes some of her artistic focus to her mother and grandmother who were both painters.