Meet Lisa Berenson!

Lisa Berenson works out of her home art studio, mainly uses acrylics on a variety of canvas sizes. Her works are inspired by her childhood memories of summers living in Hull and her carefree days on Nantasket Beach—her happy place! Many of Lisa’s larger pieces are done on gallery wrapped canvas, eliminating the need for framing. Lisa also enjoys using other mediums to create decorative, ornamental shells or creating scenes on wood panels. A series of her works are also packaged as blank note cards.

Lisa’s talent for creativity has been an ongoing journey ever since she was a little girl. She believes her passion for art comes from her dad who loved to sketch portraits of Hollywood screen stars of the 1930s and 40s. Lisa would intently watch him sketch with pencil and charcoal, and it wasn’t long before she started sketching, too. This eventually helped develop her interest in painting. Lisa also is a talented writer and recently completed her first novel that she hopes to publish.