Loretta Mazza - our featured artist!

Step into a world of warmth and imagination with Loretta's adorable hooded fleece jackets for babies and toddlers! Handcrafted in vibrant hues with whimsical buttons, Loretta's hoodies are a customer favorite! Her journey into the world of sewing began at the age of 8, fueled by her mother's purchase of an old domestic treadle sewing machine. Her early fascination with fabric and color blossomed into a lifelong passion: creating smocked bonnets and dresses for the Dedham Exchange and other Woman's Exchanges in the national fedation. Now, with over 40 years of dedicated craftsmanship, Loretta focuses her creative endeavors on soft, cozy fleece jackets for babies and toddlers in an array of colors - pinks, blues, yellows and reds - adorned with whimsical buttons like watermelons, trucks and baseballs.