Carol Ahearn is our new featured artist

Carol Ahearn is a talented artist based in Westwood whose mastery of watercolor and acrylic techniques captivates viewers with its beauty and precision. Over the past decade, she has honed her skills in watercolor, specializing in beach scenes and vibrant hydrangea blooms, both inspired by the scenic landscapes of Southeastern Massachusetts. Carol hand paints wine glasses, candles, and notecards with hydrangeas and other flowers, along with whimsical gnomes and bunnies.

Ahearn's journey into art began under the guidance of her junior high and high school teachers in Westwood, initial exploring acrylic painting. She often transformed used furniture with her artistic touch, infusing them with her favorite subjects. She later transitioned to watercolors.

While initially a hobby, Ahearn's passion has evolved into a budding small business. She shows her work at various art shows and exhibitions, including the Dana-Farber display.

As a member of the Westwood Artists community, Ahearn actively participates in local events and exhibits, sharing her love for art with the community. She looks forward to expanding her repertoire by exploring oil painting and incorporating her canine companions into her artwork.